IV Nutrition Drips – The Health and Beauty Hack That Celebrities Love

The world’s beauty and wellness are now taken over by the IV infusion. IV infusion is also termed Intravenous therapy. It was introduced by John Myers, M.D. under the name Myer’s cocktail. IV was introduced as an effective remedy for various ailments, it is beneficial in treating acute asthma attacks, migraine, fatigue, and cardiovascular diseases. It is a liquid drip that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Celebrities like Adele, Rihanna, Kardashian, Jenner, and Chrissy Teigen have certified the IV infusion after getting treated with it.  

It is a restorative and preventative measure that targets the overall wellness of the body. Also, helps in restoring balance and energizing the body.  Along with the above benefits, it also has multiple beauty benefits. Like, younger-looking skin and healthier nails and hairs. Because it contains plenty of vitamins, amino acids, glutamine, and glycine which all are the essential elements for glowing and healthy skin. 

Working of IV infusions

Ignoring the digestion and absorption stages, IV infusions are supplied to the body directly by injecting them into the veins. This has made it a much quicker method than the oral and topical treatments. It is claimed that vitamins can be absorbed up to 90% when injected through an IV infusion, whereas when orally taken it can absorb only 50% of vitamins. The effect of the treatment can be tracked fastly which makes the treatment more effective and efficient in respect of enhancement of immunity and overall wellness.  

Briefing about the IV treatment

Before getting the IV treatment started it is suggested to the clients to be well-fed and hydrated as foot and water help the nutrients get absorbed faster and better. The blood pressure of the patients gets checked before the session as it is needed to be normal. 

After this, the IV cocktail is prepared as per the choice and need of patients. Further a small tube of IV is inserted into the vein of either hand or arms. The process begins and the drip slowly starts entering the bloodstream through veins, delivering the essential nutrients in the body. After the completion, a bandage is applied at the injecting spot by the practitioner. The duration of the procedure is about 45 minutes and there is no or little discomfort during the procedure. 

Expectations after the treatment 

After the completion of the treatment, patients are advised not to move too much immediately after the procedure as they can feel a bit jittery and light-headed. This is because the body needs some time to stabilize after experiencing a surge of nutrients in it. Fluids are recommended after the procedure. 

After stabilizing the body patients will notice a surge of energy gained by absorption of cocktail nutrients. Effects can be seen for up to many weeks. 

Benefits of taking IV treatment

Many benefits of IV nutrition services can be seen. These are: 

Wellness: IV treatments strengthen the immune system and help in fighting illnesses. Also improves sleep quality, and helps in reducing stress and anxiety, and treating migraines. Hair & Skin: IV treatments help increase blood supply to the hair scalp and ensure the healthy growth of hairs. Even it helps to get glowing and healthier skin.